Message from Our Sponsor

With the support of St. John Providence Health System, Genesys Health System and Ascension, Enterprising Health has supported social entrepreneurs in Flint and Detroit, MI since 2008. It has helped to accelerate selected businesses focused on improving the health of the community by providing access to training, subject matter experts, coaching, and seed funding. Enterprising Health has provided workshops to more than 300 people, training to more than 60 businesses and seed funding to 25 businesses over the past 4 years. Enterprising Health is extremely proud of the work it has done and its impact on the entrepreneurial community in Detroit. Due to the inability to secure outside funding sources, the Enterprising Health initiative will close out on June 30, 2014. The office at 6200 Second Ave. closed effective May 30, 2014. Thank you to all partners, supporters, and past and present participants for helping to make the Enterprising Health initiative successful!

For more information, please contact Erica Thrash-Sall at erica.thrash-sall@stjohn.org or 248.849-5716.